Friday, May 6, 2011

Motherhood should come with. . .

Five Minute Fridays
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Easy peasy.

Today's Five Minute Friday is ........


...a pause button.  There are so many moments in time when I just think to myself, "wow, I sure wish I could pause this moment, freeze it, and live in this moment forever."  
...a box of tissues . . . because there are those times when I cry over my children as I pray to the Father for each and every one of them.  I recognize that each child God has given me is a precious gift given for just a short time - they are really HIS, and He holds them in His hand and I pray that my children will love Him and serve Him all the days of their lives.  So a box of tissues comes in handy.

...a warning about how fast time flies.  As I watch my children grow I am just amazed and overwhelmed with how quickly the time flies by.  I can still remember almost like it was yesterday the first day I became a MOTHER . . . what a day that was!  And now my first born is almost 9 1/2 years old.  

Times up! 
Thankful to be the MOTHER to these four!


  1. I clicked on over from Lisa-Jo's main post, and I'm very glad to have your insight (my little one is still on all fours!). Thanks so much for sharing. I have my box of Kleenex close by, and I already wish I could have a pause button...

  2. I am having the HARDEST time with blogger tonight! I tried to leave a comment via my phone about an hour ago and it wouldn't go through.

    I just wrote a little paragraph and it disappeared before my eyes. Darn it!

    Great advice about the tissues. Time just flies.

    So glad you are blogging more. It is fun to get to know you on a deeper level!

  3. I get the box of kleenexes. We just happen to have them in multiple rooms because of allergy season, but we use them so much more for "moments" in this house. This was a great post!

  4. I so want a pause button! And occasionally a fast forward, tee hee! But definitely pause. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hurray for joining five minute friday!! :) I read more often then I comment! loving the new blog!

  6. a pause button would be so great wouldn't it? pictures and video can only capture what we see, and not quite how we feel. hmmm :)
    have a fantabulous momma's day! :)

  7. aww your kiddos are SO cute =) and i love the idea of a pause button for those moments in life!

  8. So true! There were many times I wish I would have had a pause button. You might only be around 10 by now!!!