Monday, June 20, 2011

1000 GIfts

There are so many reasons why I am thankful, so many wonderful gifts given to me by the hand of my Heavenly Father . . .

66.  Celebrating Father's Day with my wonderful, godly father here in Ecuador.
67.  Having a husband who is an incredible father to our four children.
68.  Turkey dinners
69.  Hugs from my children first thing in the morning.
70.  Time to play games with the family.
71.  A group of people to meet together with here in Ecuador to worship the Lord.
72.  E-mail
73.  knowing that God is in control and that nothing comes as a surprise to Him.
74.  people to call "friend"
75.  the Holy Spirit who comforts and convicts
76.  for salvation offered to all .... praying for the salvation of six souls who were presented with the Gospel last evening
78.  moments spent with family
79.  grace
80.  sunshine

God has been so very good to me!  I am so thankful first of all for a Heavenly Father who has adopted me into His family.  I can not imagine my life without a personal relationship with God, the Creator of all things.  I am thankful and blessed that He has chosen me and that I can call him "Abba!"  

I am also thankful and blessed this year to be celebrating Father's Day with my DAD!  He is here visiting us in Ecuador and I am blessed!  He is an amazing man and I am thankful for how he raised me to know and love God.  I am honored to call him "Dad".  
I am also thankful and blessed to be married to a man who loves God, me and our children.  He is an incredible father and I am so thankful to have him to walk through life with.