Monday, May 9, 2011

1000 Gifts

I have so many things for which to give God thanks. 
So many gifts given by His hand.

1000 Gifts 21-40....

21.  the privilege to be called "Mommy"
22.  Gabriella, who turned four yesterday
23.  God's grace
24.  the ability to see
25.  going out to eat for our Mother's Day celebration
26.  playing sports with friends
27.  fresh and clean water to drink after a long soccer game
28.  beautiful flowers

29.  God's mercies which are new every day
30.  meeting new people
31.   Bible studies with others
32.  friends
33  a wonderful and loving mother who is an example to me
34.  a house to live in
35.  ability and freedom to meet for worship
36.  legs to walk on
37. kisses and hugs
38.  medicine to help with sickness and symptoms of sicknesses
39.  a small yard for the kids to play in.
40.  4 kids who all sleep through the night

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