Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Dog can be a Little Girl's Best Friend!

I am not a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures. I simply capture pictures of my family most so that I have visible memories, but also as a means for grandparents to keep up with the changes going on in the lives of their grandchildren here in Ecuador! Not only am I not a photographer, but my camera is not top notch either. I am not complaining, it suits my purposes just fine, but the pictures don't always have the best clarity. This is not an explanation for why I am not a good photographer though!

That being said, I have some friends who are fantastic photographers. You can see some of Becky's photography and that of others at http://kaishon.blogspot.com/. I have another friend, Ashley, who is just starting out in photography. You can check some of her work out at http://the-coupe-ecuador.blogspot.com/ . I still am participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday and encourage any other blogger out there to dive on in!
Sweet Shot Day


  1. What a sweet photo! Your daughter has joy written all over her face.

  2. Aww Thanks! She is such a joy, that is for sure!

  3. And what a cute little girl she is!

  4. Just found you comment on my blog.

    Oh that I WERE kidding about the s _ _ _ today. But alas and alack, it flitted down ALL MORNING.

    I don't dare SAY the word s _ _ _, or the season s _ _ _ _ _ for fear of bringing still more s _ _ _ down on our heads!


    Oh well - - - this too shall pass.

    I guess your hubby doesn't really want me to mention that I live in Packer country, huh?

  5. What a lovely photo! And you don't have to own the best equipment to capture memories. Even a cheap point and shoot can do that. I know some really great photographers who use only P&S cameras. Just keep on shooting and sharing your pictures with us at Communal Global. =)

  6. Thank you for your kind encouragement Jennifer! I will keep on taking pictures! : )

  7. What a sweet picture! Dogs are children's pals for life!

  8. I am so glad you linked up to Communal Global. I think this picture is awesome : ) You are amazing. I love the new blog look. I love how you minister and encourage so many people. You are a blessing.