Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitudes on Monday's - My Madrina

 So much to be thankful for every day of the week and I appreciate
holy experience
where the challenge lies for "multitudes on Monday's."  My list continues, but this week instead of placing my list on this page, I am thanking God for my children and the precious gift they are to me.  I enjoy being a mother, I enjoy spending time with my children, and I enjoy watching my children become involved in their community here in Ecuador.  It is a thrill as a mother to see your children being a light for God around them and I pray that my saved children will be testimonies and live lives for the Lord. 

Gabriella had the opportunity to be the "madrina" for the Liga de Loja soccer team that her brothers play on.  Their coach asked her several weeks before the event and she was really looking forward to the day that she could dress up like a princess and lead the team on the day of the inauguration.  Caedmon was asked to escort her, which was really special, and they both did a fantastic job.  As is the custom here, judges select one of the madrinas to be the winner, and Gabriella was selected!  She received flowers, a sash naming her as the "Nina de Deportes de 2011" and she also found her way in to the newspaper.  One paper had an article covering the event and the other newspaper even included her picture.  It was a special day!  Now, we are looking forward to the start of the tournament so we can watch our boys in action on their respective teams.  Vamos Liga!  Let's Go Liga!

Gabriella before the big event!
Caedmon and Gabriella prepared for the big day!
My four precious gifts from the Lord...
The big day...
Gabriella waiting with the other madrinas
Gabriella after being selected and awarded

The teams...

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  1. Kari,

    Jumped over from Ann's and love your post. What a special day and honor for your children! And a proud mommy you must be ...

    Blessings, Beth