Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Party

Birthday parties ---- we have probably all either been the beneficiary of one, a guest at one, or the one who plans a birthday party for someone else.  Either way, birthday parties are  usually a lot of fun!

God has been so good to our family since arriving to the new city of Loja. For those who visit my blog but don't know the history of our lives - this is our second term as missionaries and at the start of this new term we relocated to a new area of Ecuador.  With this move, came the opportunity to make new contacts and friends.  Like I mentioned, God has been ever so good to us in providing us already people who are dear to us, wonderful friends!

Our children as well have made a good number of special friends and we are regularly having them over to play and vice versa!  It is wonderful.

The other day our children were invited to their first birthday party in Loja - and what fun they had!  There were so many different activities planned for the party and they all came home laughing, exhausted and hands full of candy!

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This is a typical view of a birthday party in Loja, Ecuador

 Play a little limbo....Caedmon won a prize!

 Stand in line to place the sticker on the picture (kinda like pin the tail on the donkey)
Blindfolding Gabriella....
 Get as much candy as you can from the pinata....
 Throwing confetti....
 And don't forget the cake and party favors...

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