Monday, September 24, 2012

Is Gideon a bit like you and I?

I love many of the Old Testament stories and reading about how God worked in and through the lives of ordinary people.   One recent observation I made was in regards to Gideon.  Gideon was just an ordinary man from a poor family and yet God made very clear to him that he was to lead the people of Israel against the Midianites.  Imagine how Gideon must have felt as he contemplated the task before him, and yet he was reassured by God that God Himself was going to be with him to help him.  Gideon went on to test God two different times because he just really wanted reassurance that he was following God and doing exactly what God wanted him to do.  

Are we ever like Gideon?  

Do we ever wonder how a God so amazing and powerful would pick to use people as frail as us? 

Do we ever sit and think that we are so unworthy to do anything at all for the Kingdom of God? 

I know I do ...quite often... and that's okayWhy?  

Because in reality I am unworthy on my own, and I am frail


I am reminded in God's Word that God chooses to use the weak and the foolish things....God chooses to use ordinary people like you and me.....people who love Him and want to serve Him....
He uses our weaknesses and magnifies Himself.

So if you think you can't be used by God because of some standard you have set for yourself,...set that standard aside...and  
let God use you for His glory, by His grace.  

We are weak, we are frail, we are sinful, but God He is so powerful, so strong, and so perfect...and 'His power is made perfect in weakness.'

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